Energy, Products and Metals w/ Zach Abraham, Tom Kloza, and Gianclaudio Torlizzi!

This Wednesday lineup is AMAZING. We have KYRRadio talking broader energy, TomKloza talking US product markets, and TCommodity talking metals. Zach Abraham, host of Know Your Risk Radio and Principal/CIO of Bulwark Capital Management. Tom Kloza, Dean of U.S. oil analysts, foremost expert on North American fuel markets, a founder of Oil Price Information Service […]

Capital Preservation Friday w/ Pax & Penny! 

Penny and Pax discuss how to mature as a trader and how to jump back in to trading after some time away, and how important taking a break from the screens can be in balancing your personal and trading life. 

Risk Management 101 w/ DTR_Trading! 

Join OG and Michael as they go through Michaels must know tips on risk management and how to trade effectively and consistently in this current market. 

0DTE’s Vs. EC’s w/ Anne-Marie Baiynd!

Penny and Anne-Marie go deep in this one as they discuss the risk and rewards of trading 0DTE’s and how these relate so closely and work well when paired with CME Groups Event Contracts