Place Your Trades is your go-to network for trading Daily Options using CME Group Event Contracts. Our All Stars stream daily and share their trades and strategies with you live on air.

$1 Can Win $20?

That’s +2000%…let’s Go!
Event Contracts. A non-leveraged way to trade Daily Options in 10 key
futures markets. At risk is the amount of your bid. Contracts start as low as $0.25 and pay out $20 for each winning trade.   

Want to play with us?

It’s as simple as picking your favorite sports team.


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Choose Your Market

Get access to equity indices, metals,
energy and foreign currencies.

Predict the Daily Close

Choose where you think a market
will close with a simple YES or NO.

Get Paid

For every contract that expires “in the 

money” you get a fixed $20 payout.

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