The Intermediate Trader

A weekly blog written by Penny Lane Blayne where she recaps her highs, lows and lessons learned. She sprinkles in funny tidbits, music recommendations and the wildest stuff she finds each week.

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To cap or not to cap, that is the question.

Last time I spoke with you guys I talked about trading on tilt… that out of body numb frenzy that can leave you retching in the sink or crying on the floor. Prior to that episode, I was thoroughly convinced I’d never experience that. I’d traded for over two years without blowing up an account.

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The 11k Trade

The 11 thousand dollar trade Last week I wrote about trading on tilt, and then on Friday Pax and I did an emotional show about what led to the tilt and how to get past it. After the show I went into Pax’s trading room and heard him say the opening range was great, and

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Why are American’s so Fascinated by True Crime: an armchair theory + a breakdown of the infamous “owl theory”