Have you hit rock bottom? There’s only one way to know.

Have you ever lied to yourself? Have you ever hit a ball in the water, taken another tee shot, made a par, and just counted it as a par? It’s so easy to do. You actually DID make a par, but there’s an asterisk.    Have you ever been on Weight Watchers, eaten 3 cookies, […]

To cap or not to cap, that is the question.

Last time I spoke with you guys I talked about trading on tilt… that out of body numb frenzy that can leave you retching in the sink or crying on the floor. Prior to that episode, I was thoroughly convinced I’d never experience that. I’d traded for over two years without blowing up an account. […]

The 11k Trade

The 11 thousand dollar trade Last week I wrote about trading on tilt, and then on Friday Pax and I did an emotional show about what led to the tilt and how to get past it. After the show I went into Pax’s trading room and heard him say the opening range was great, and […]

Trading On Tilt: the truth.

Trading on tilt. It’s every trader’s achilles heel, and no amount of reading, journaling or rules can stop it. My experience trading on tilt involved crying, vomiting and a general feeling of numbness. I can use a thousand reasons and justifications for why it happened, but to quote Mark Douglas, “no matter what the outcome, […]

Is There Life Out There?

  Hi friends and welcome back to The Intermediate Trader Blog.   I had kind of a shit week and took a few losses that were larger than I wanted. I was hoping we would break out of this range, preferably to the downside since I’m a perma bear… but alas, it’s been choppier than […]

What would you do with 5k cash?

The Curse of the 0dtes The biggest lesson I learned this week was that it really is OK to be red. I am not a person who likes to loose, and I’m competitive as hell, but I’m embracing the success of small red days. You hear it over and over and over… some days and […]