What would you do with 5k cash?

The Curse of the 0dtes

The biggest lesson I learned this week was that it really is OK to be red. I am not a person who likes to loose, and I’m competitive as hell, but I’m embracing the success of small red days. You hear it over and over and over… some days and weeks are not worth trading. That’s such a paradox because as a newer trader, you’re still building up your time in the market, so sometimes taking days off feels like you’re falling behind other traders.

I have a cash account, so when I’m out of money for the day, I’m just out of money. Can’t take any more trades. To “save money” last week I tried to trade 0dtes and learned a hard lesson. Those babies decay faster that my daughter’s bath bombs, and it would be more enjoyable to actually light a hundred dollar bill on fire and watch it burn.

In an effort to stay out of my main account when it’s choppy, I really have enjoyed trading these Daily Options on Tradovate. They have the same inexpensive appeal as a 0dte, but you don’t feel the decay! If you want to be “in the market” without risking the capital in your main account, you might want to give them a try.


Trader Joe’s announced the winners of its 14th annual Customer Choice Awards.  This year’s overall best winner was their Chili & Lime Rolled Tortilla chips. :: runs out to grab a bag ::  Inconceivably the chocolate croissants came in 4th place, but maybe the 18,000 people who voted don’t respect a good breakfast pastry as much as I do.

Speaking of breakfast, this guy went to Mcdonalds, ordered a sausage McMuffin and was handed a bag with 5k in small bills. Despite the universal desire to peel out and keep the money, he returned it to the restaurant and was rewarded with free McDonalds for a month and $200 cash. If he wants to come out even on this deal, he needs to take them to the cleaners and order about 1200 Egg McMuffin meals this month, which breaks down to just 40 per day. I pray he fights the good fight.

In today’s edition of “who would drink that?” I recently learned of a new Chili Cheese Beer. That’s right, read that again. A Chili Cheese Beer. I make Chili probably 15x a year, and the main ingredient is beer, but I never thought of DRINKING the mixture. Known for its meat, food company Hormel announced a collaboration with a Minnesota based beer company to produce a Chili Cheese Flavored Beer.  They’ve used barley malt as a base, and describe the taste as “chip like,’ while also mixing in powdered cheese and spices to create the chili cheese taste. I believe I speak for all of us when I say, “this must be flying off the shelf.”

If you listened to my show this week with Bootch, you heard how much I love music. It is truly one of my greatest passions. I’ve been noodling for a while over the idea if making a monthly trading playlist, and I finally did it! Here is the first one!

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