December 8th, 2023

Rollover. Today and Monday mark the peak of the Roll for stock index futures, days I choose not to trade. Why? Because I lack an edge during these times. Rollover is when a trader shifts their position from the front month contract to another contract further in the future. This isn’t about charts or technicals. It’s about traders who have to move positions. When this happens, the market becomes more random and can cause violent shifts that may not align logically with the charts. You might have already observed such moves in the indexes this week.

As for me, I’ll be spending today on the golf course. Here’s wishing you all a wonderful day and weekend! Cheers, DELI

(The picture today is reference to Joh Rahm getting $500-$600 million for joining LIV Golf. I probably should’ve listened to my father and started playing in high school 😉

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