March 11th, 2024

I’m away this week attending FIA Boca. FIA Boca is the annual International Futures Industry Conference held in Boca Raton, FL. I’ll be conversing with numerous exchange leaders, market makers, brokers, and prop firms in the futures industry, discussing the current state of the market and what major players are devising for the future of our industry.

The timing is apt as we’re in the midst of a rollover for US indexes, a period during which I usually take a backseat. If you’re unfamiliar with ‘rollover’, it’s the transition of futures markets from one month to the next. The front month contract for the Indexes so far this year has been March (H) and we’re now transitioning into June (M).

Volume will be divided over upcoming sessions as some traders continue with March while others relocate positions to June from March. Technicals typically carry less weight during rollover, so it’s often best to downsize or take a break during this phase. Observe and learn its movement.

I’ll catch up with you all next week when I return!

CHeers, DELI

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